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There is a global imbalance between supply and demand regarding nurses. Whilst Germany is in dire need of them, all around the globe, especially in East Asian countries, they can’t find suitable employment.

We offer a practical solution to create a socio-economic balance and solve the issue of chronic nursing shortages once and for all. And by doing so, we help building bridges into a better future for those who work diligently to provide for their families.

What makes us different

– unterminated employment
– all administrative processes have been taken care of beforehand
– continuous monitoring after each language exam


schnelles Anerkennungsverfahren
(nur 4 Wochen)


Start ausschließlich als anerkannte Pflegefachkraft mit allen
staatlichen Dokumenten


volle Integration mit unserer Unterstützung

What makes us special

We train our nurses in their home countries

They prepare for Germany in familiar surroundings.

· German Language Degree B2 (TELC or Goethe Institute)

· German Language Degree in Nursing B2

· Practical Nursing in preparation of the approval audit

Holistic Integration

Preparation and Accommodation

· Since Day One

· By interculturally trained staff in Germany

Short Approval Process – Steep learning curve

· Only 4 weeks time between approval audit and nursing certificate

· We handle all upcoming costs up front

Professional Training

German Language Seminar

1.000 EU in total, meaning:

1.000 UE up to B2 / 1UE = 45 min.
plus 612 UE Nursing Vocabulary
Exam with an approved language certificate

Nursing Seminar

612 EU in total, consisting of:
495 EU Theoretical Knowledge
117 EU Practical Knowledge
Holistic Training, customer specific if requested
Practical Education on case studies at the lab, p.e. Basics in Nursing, Hygene, German hospital processes
Professional Pre-Test (required for the approval audit in Germany)

International Care Experts

Your Experts on highly trained staff in the field of language, expertise and intercultural appearances from foreign countries.

Contact us

Phone: 0331 / 23 70 36 13


Friedrich-Engels-Str. 23
14473 Potsdam

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