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Germany Headquarters
Phone: +49 331 / 23 70 36 13

Manila Headquarters
Phone: +63 9166150275


An overview of the most frequently asked questions about services & procedures

For how long would I wait for a nurse, in case I order today?
Since we initiate new classes every two months and have access to a pool of 500 candidates, it would take 4 months.
What happens in case a nurse doesn’t pass the approval audit in Germany?
The exam can only be repeated once, which is possible after two weeks’ time. If the exam is not passed the second time, he or she can only work as a nursing aide.
What elements does your intercultural training include?
For how long do your nurses stay in Germany?
In our experience they generally stay 6 to 7 years, even longer due tot he spouse joining them.
Is it possible for me to single handedly select my future employees?
Absolutely, and we would gladly give you counsel!
We would advise you to conduct an early interview via Skype and assure your willingness to employ them.
Can you recruit personnel from other foreign countries, if requested?
Our specialty lies in Asian countries, but we will gladly connect you with partners in Non-Asian countries.

International Care Experts

Your Experts on highly trained staff in the field of language, expertise and intercultural appearances from foreign countries.

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