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Your Experts on highly trained staff in the field of language, expertise and intercultural appearances from foreign countries.

There is a global imbalance between supply and demand regarding nurses. Whilst Germany is in dire need of them, all around the globe, especially in East Asian countries, they can’t find suitable employment.
We offer a practical solution to create a socio-economic balance and solve the issue of chronic nursing shortages once and for all. And by doing so, we help building bridges into a better future for those who work diligently to provide for their families.

Our Business Model

We educate non-native nurses in their home countries in regards to language and health care expertise. We do so via German native speakers using German quality requirements. This way our nurses can immigrate to Germany permanently, including their spouses.

Our Countries of Origin

We train and work with health care personnel from Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. To improve our field of range, further countries in Asia are currently being planned and established.

Our Value Proposition

What makes us different is that we train our staff in their country of origin. After a short transition period we begin to holistically integrate them and direct them to their new employer in Germany – mainly hospitals and university clinics.


Enjoy a recognition procedure of merely 4 – 6 weeks total.


Begin to work as a state-approved nurse including all legal documents.


We support your integration to its full extend.

Areas of expertise … with full approval


practical and international experience
all areas
independent and team oriented
optional: higher education on Dementia by the Manila IDCA

Lab Assistants (with Diploma)


Specially Trained Nurses

Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
X-Ray and Medical Technicians

Additional Information regarding our staff

All nurses are hand-picked by us personally, and with your participation, if you’d prefer. Every single one of them has at least three years of experience in a hospital, urban or rural. A variety of them has already gathered foreign experience in Arab. Additionally they offer specialized and / or leadership experience in their department or as an independent.


Our Integration Experts handles all background work including a bank account, accommodation and administrative procedures.
His duty begins at the initial meet-and-greet in the nurses country of origin. He welcomes them to Germany and accompanies them to their Approval Exam. In the following months he will salute them to their new place of work and employer and acts as a consultants for the next 12 months – for both employee and employer.


We would like to converse with you personally regarding the matter of expenses to create a tailor-made offer for you to meet your special demand.

International Care Experts

Your Experts on highly trained staff in the field of language, expertise and intercultural appearances from foreign countries.

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